A&W Is Selling a “3/9-Pound” Burger, Because Americans Are Bad at Math

Here’s an interesting marketing strategy.  A&W is trying to get more people into their restaurants by insulting our intelligence.  (???)

Back in the ’80s, they tried to compete with the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder by selling a THIRD-pound burger for the same price.  But it failed, because people were confused by fractions, and thought a quarter pound was bigger than a third of a pound.

So now A&W is bringing that burger back, but changing the name.  Instead of a “Third-Pounder,” they’re calling it a ‘THREE-NINTHS” pound burger.

Obviously the whole thing is tongue-in-cheek.  But they’re hoping the bigger numbers will make people understand it’s larger than a Quarter Pounder, not smaller.

(Here’s their new ad.)