Five Random Facts for Monday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  There have been 1,994 people elected to the U.S. Senate in history, and only 11 are Black.  Eight were elected in the past 30 years, seven Democrats and one Republican:  South Carolina’s Tim Scott.

2.  Although air traffic has been down during the pandemic, typically, at any given moment, there are approximately 9,700 planes carrying 1.27 million people in the sky.

3.  The difference between Great Britain and the U.K. is that Great Britain is just England, Scotland, and Wales, the U.K. also includes Northern Ireland.

4.  If you could see the entire universe, it would look like a light beige color.

5.  Every Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer shows the time as 9:41 A.M. in ads.  Apple picked that time because it’s approximately when Steve Jobs would make his biggest announcement during their presentations.


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