There’s a New Five-Hour Bus Tour That’s Meant to Put You to Sleep

Every parent knows that driving around for hours can put your baby to sleep.  So why not offer the same type of service to adults?  A bus company in Hong Kong just launched a new, five-hour tour of the city that’s specifically meant to put people to sleep.

It’s a double-decker bus, and the entire tour is 47 miles but goes nowhere special.  It starts with a, “Food Coma Lunch” described as a two-course “western meal.”

There are two stops where people can hop off and take photos if they want to.  And there are a few more drop-off points for anyone who doesn’t want to do the full five hours.

But the whole point of the tour is to fall asleep, because some people claim they get their BEST sleep on public transportation.  (???)

Each ticket costs between $13 and $51 depending on the type of seat you want.  There are four types:  Two “zero-decibel” sections in economy and business class, an “extra-legroom” section for people who want to stretch out, and a “VIP Panorama Cabin” on the upper deck for people who actually want to look at stuff.

People who buy tickets are encouraged to bring a pillow and blanket.


(UPI / Ulu)