A Guy Found a Loophole in an Amusement Park’s Annual Pass, and Got Free Meals Every Day for a Year

This right here is how you become a legend:  “Mel Magazine” just did a big profile on a guy in California who found a loophole in an amusement park’s annual membership, and used it to get free meals every day.

His name is Dylan, and he’s 33 now.  Back in 2014, he landed an internship at an engineering firm in Santa Clarita, California, where Six Flags Magic Mountain is.  So he looked into an annual pass and found a crazy promo they were running for food.

For a one-time fee of $150, he could get two FREE meals every time he went to the park.  And it was unlimited, so he could do it every single day.  Now, obviously an average person would never do that.  But Dylan’s office was five minutes from the park.  So he paid the $150 and took FULL advantage.

The only downside was he had to eat carnival food every day, so it wasn’t healthy.  When he first signed up, his only choices were a burger and fries, pizza and breadsticks, or a lame sandwich that wasn’t any good.

But it was free food, and he was just out of college.  So he went twice a day, every day for lunch and dinner.  And he did that for an entire year.   But it didn’t stop there.  He kept re-upping his membership, and he’s continued to do it for the last SEVEN YEARS!

He stopped going every day, but he still goes a lot.  He eventually scaled back and only went three or four times a week.  Usually for lunch.

They eventually added more menu options, so it got even better.  They do a pretty good steak sandwich, plus seasonal items like a “Thanksgiving” turkey dog topped with cranberry sauce and stuffing.  A few are even somewhat healthy, like a vegan-friendly black bean burger.

But here’s the craziest part:  Finding the loophole has saved him an INSANE amount of money.  For the first year, he says he never bought groceries.  And because of all those free lunches and dinners, he’s managed to pay down his student loans, get married, and buy a house.

The website “The Takeout” picked up the story and said Six Flags must have caught on, because they couldn’t find the deal on their website anymore.  But they just didn’t look hard enough, because it’s still available.  You have to buy an annual pass for $95, plus a “Dining Pass” add-on for another $110.  So for just over $200 a year, anyone can do it.

Dylan says he eventually convinced some friends to join him.  But he’s married now, so he doesn’t go as much, partly because his wife doesn’t like rollercoasters.


(Mel Magazine / The Takeout)