Americans Want Super Bowl Ads to Be More Like . . . “Moana”?

We’re still more than three months away from the Super Bowl, but if companies are planning their commercials now, they might want to consider that Americans want their Super Bowl ads to be more like “Moana”.  In a way.

A new survey on Super Bowl ads found that 54% of Americans DO like when famous people pop up in the commercials, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the celebrity we most want to see.  Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga were tied for second, followed by Kevin HartTaylor SwiftDrakeBritney Spears, and Ryan Reynolds.

A whopping 97% of people say they want Super Bowl ads to be funny, and a majority (71%) want advertisers to stay away from politics.  Viewers also want the ads to be family friendly, and they can be tilted toward women a little, because women in the survey were far more likely to watch the game for the ads.

Oh, and you know how some brands release their ads EARLY so they can go viral BEFORE the game?  People don’t like that.  An overwhelming majority (89%) would prefer to see an ad for the first time during the game.


(PR Newswire)