If Brands Had Brutally Honest Slogans, What Would They Be?

If brands had brutally honest slogans, what would they be?  Here are a few good ones we’ve seen.

1.  Benadryl:  You Can’t Have Allergies if You’re Unconscious

2.  Taco Bell:  Same Food, Different Shapes

3.  Facebook:  Where YOU Are the Product

4.  McDonald’s:  Preserving Our Food for Generations to Come

5.  H&R Block:  Pay Us to Do TurboTax for You

6.  Instagram:  You’ll Never Look This Good

7.  RC Cola:  We’re Just Happy to Be Mentioned

8.  YouTube:  An Ad Will End in Five Seconds, After Which Another Ad Will Play

9.  La Quinta Hotels:  Spanish for “Next to Denny’s”

10.  Tupperware:  Have You Ever Wanted to Throw Away Food, But Just Not Now?

11.  Red Bull:  I Hope You Like Heart Palpitations

12.  Zoom:  Where Pants Are Optional

13.  TikTok:  Because Watching Your Daughter’s Friends from the Window Is Weird

14.  Waffle House:  It’s 2:00 A.M., and You’re Drunk

15.  Comcast:  We Don’t Give a Crap, Because We Don’t Have To