Six Super Hard “Would You Rather” Questions About Money

Everybody loves a good “would you rather” question.  So someone did a survey with questions that were only about money.  Over 30,000 people were polled.  Here are the best ones, and how people voted.

1.  Would you rather win the lottery, but lose all your friends, or lose all your money, but find your soulmate?  59% said they’d rather be broke and in love.

2.  Would you rather have a job you hate that pays well, or a job you love with a below-average salary?  56% said they’d rather have a job they love.

3.  Would you rather spend a million dollars on clothes, or a million on travel?  88% would rather travel.

4.  Would you rather make $100,000 on Bitcoin, or $50,000 investing in a business that helps the environment?  69% said 50 grand and help the planet.  (How about making $100,000 on Bitcoin and giving 20 grand to save the planet?  Win-win?)

5.  Would you rather get a million dollars right now, or $100,000 a year for ten years?  71% would rather get 100 grand a year, so they wouldn’t spend it all.

6.  Would you rather go back in time to fix your biggest money mistake, or look into your future to find out where you end up?  This might have been the best question asked, because it was an even, 50/50 split.