Steph Curry Is Producing the Weirdest Holiday Movie of the Year

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is producing a holiday movie for Amazon called “12 Days of Christmas”, and it has a very strange premise.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s about a guy named Nick and he’s “a career-driven, self-absorbed man who never wants to have children.”

But 12 days before Christmas he wakes up and finds a kid in his home.  He thinks it’s a bad dream, until the next morning, when there’s now a second kid.  You can see where this is going.

Each day Nick’s “family” grows larger as he moves closer to Christmas Day and he can’t make it stop.  It’s a family comedy, so Nick slowly finds himself discovering the joys of being a parent to a TON of random kids.  It’s unclear if the movie will premiere in time for THIS holiday season.  And again, Curry is just producing the movie, he won’t be starring in it.

In an unrelated note, wouldn’t it be amusing if this plot were somehow inspired by Nick Cannon’s real life situation?  Mr. Cannon is now expecting his fourth kid in less than a year, from three different women.