The Woman in Charge of Firearms on the Alec Baldwin Movie Once Got Yelled at by Nicolas Cage

The woman who was in charge of firearms on the set of the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust” got yelled at by Nicolas Cage on her previous film.

24-year-old Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was the armorer for another Western, called “The Old Way”.  And Stu Brumbaugh, who worked as a key grip on that film, says several people complained about her.  And this was just a few months ago.

One time, she fired a gun without telling anyone on the set for the second time in three days, and Cage screamed, “Make an announcement!  You just blew my [effing] eardrums out!”  Then he walked off the set in a rage.

Brumbaugh felt Gutierrez-Reed was too young and inexperienced for the job, and that she put people in danger numerous times.  By the way, “The Old Way” was just her first film, so “Rust” was only her second.

Brumbaugh says, “Producers refuse to bring more experienced people because their rates are higher.  So they hire a newbie who is energetic and wants the job and will do it with less people.”

Gutierrez-Reed has pretty much wiped her social media, but on a podcast last month she said, “The best part about my job is just showing people who are normally kind of freaked out by guns how safe they can be.  And how they’re not really problematic unless put in the wrong hands.”

(The podcast is called “Voices of the West”.  Morbidly, Hannah appeared on the September 11th episode.  You can listen to it here.)

In other developments:

An actor from “Rust” told TMZ that he and other cast members had concerns about their safety on the set, although he seems to have praise for Gutierrez-Reed.

Hannah isn’t just facing possible legal action, she’s also facing eviction.  Her landlord in Arizona wants her out.

And Hannah was spotted outside her home for the first time since the accident.