Two-Thirds of Us Have a Go-To Sandwich We Always Order, and Cheesesteaks Are Our Favorite

Do you have a go-to sandwich that you always order for lunch, or do you mix it up?  Two-thirds of Americans say they usually order the same type of sandwich, and our favorite overall are Cheesesteaks.

According to a new poll done by French’s mustard, America’s five favorite sandwiches are:  Cheesesteaks, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, Italian subs, and Reubens.  (Back up for a second.  Is a burger really a “sandwich”?)

Two-thirds of people say a good sandwich needs between three and six toppings, including condiments and things like onions or tomatoes.  But 57% say the meat is the most important part.  And the least popular ingredient that can ruin a sandwich is olives.  Banana peppers also ranked low.