Five Random Facts for Wednesday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  Sweden has more than 221,800 islands, the most of any country in the world.  Finland is second, followed by Norway, Canada, and Indonesia.

2.  There are about 100,000 payphones left in the U.S., and one-fifth are in New York.  In 1999, there were two million payphones.

3.  The famous philosopher Voltaire made all of his money in 1729 when he was 35, when he realized the jackpot of the French lottery was more than the cost of buying every single ticket.  So he bought every ticket and won a jackpot of about 500,000 francs, roughly the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars today.

4.  The screenplay for the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice” was written by the children’s author Roald Dahl.

5.  The core of the Earth is hotter than the surface of the sun.


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