Five Random Facts for Tuesday

1.  Before humans, the only land-based mammals on Iceland were arctic foxes.

2.  There are only two people who have ever won a Nobel Prize AND an Oscar.  George Bernard Shaw and Bob Dylan.

Al Gore almost won both, he got the Nobel Prize, but the Oscar for “An Inconvenient Truth” went to the director, Davis Guggenheim.

3.  America tried to buy Greenland back in 1946, and offered Denmark $100 million, but got turned down.

4.  Anytime someone returns underwear to Victoria’s Secret, they SHRED it, even if it still has the tags.  They just can’t take the chance that someone wore it.

5.  Blockbuster teamed up with Enron in 2000 to create a service that would deliver movies on-demand, like Netflix does today.  But it was a huge failure.