7-Eleven Is Giving Away a Custom Mustang with a Pizza Slice Cup Holder

7-Eleven is giving away a custom Ford Mustang GT they painted to look like a 7-Eleven storefront.  It’s green, white, orange, and red, with 7-Eleven racing stripes on the hood. They worked with Galpin Auto Sports from the show “Pimp My Ride”.  And it’s got other features too, like a Slurpee-shaped gear shift, a “night owl” hood ornament instead of the Mustang pony and a triangular cup holder to hold a slice of pizza. There are two ways to win it You’ll be entered into the sweepstakes if you buy participating products through the 7-Eleven app the Speedway app or their “7NOW” delivery app.  (7-Eleven bought Speedway last year for $21 billion.)Or just follow them on Instagram and comment on posts that include the hashtag “Model711Sweeps”.  The contest runs through May 24th.