The Most Commonly Misunderstood Emojis

Have you ever gotten a message with an emoji, and not understood what the emoji was supposed to represent?

This week, Adobe released a big study they did on emojis, and they listed the three most MISUNDERSTOOD emojis.  They are:  The cowboy hat face, the cherries, and the upside-down face.

According to the “Emojipedia,” the cowboy represents “exuberance, whimsy, confidence, or adventure.”  It’s also used in the context of country and farming, and some people just drop it in to show people that they aren’t annoyed.

The cherries emoji can mean more than just cherries, though.  It can be used as emoji-slang for a woman’s breasts or a male’s, well, crotch area.

The upside-down face is more vague.  It’s used for irony, sarcasm, and joking, or a feeling of goofiness or silliness.  Some say it can be interchangeable with the person shrugging emoji or the melting face.