Southwest Airlines Gave Every Passenger a Ukulele and a Free Lesson on a Plane?

Here’s a real American Horror Story for you:  Southwest Airlines gave everyone a ukulele on a flight from California to Hawaii last Friday.  And it wasn’t a parting gift, they also provided a free lesson ON the flight.

It was a promotion with Guitar Center, involving a claim that anyone could learn the ukulele in 20 minutes.  Instructors from Guitar Center were onboard to teach the passengers how to play the song “Hello, Aloha!  How Are You?”

It wasn’t announced ahead of time, it was a “surprise” for the passengers.  Southwest says by the time they landed in Hawaii, “they were pros.”

Naturally, people on social media say this sounds like TORTURE.  It’s a SIX-HOUR flight from California to Hawaii.  But Southwest insists that everyone put their ukulele away after the 20-minute lesson.

( has footage of the lesson.  And the Southwest Twitter account has photos, here and here.)



(Fox News)