The Director of “Black Panther” Remembers His Last Phone Call with Chadwick Boseman

“Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler remembers his last phone call with Chadwick Boseman.  It was after he finished a draft of “Black Panther 2”.

At the time, the movie was focused on Boseman’s character because nobody knew he was sick.

Ryan says, “I had just finished it.  My last conversation with him was calling him and asking if he wanted to read it before I got notes from the studio.  I could tell he was tired.  I’d been trying to get a hold of him for a few days, I could tell something was up. But he was joking and laughing.”

Then went on to say, “He said he didn’t want to read it, because he didn’t want to get in the way of whatever notes the studio might have, so he was like ‘It’s better if I read it later.’  But I found out later that he was too tired to read anything.”