Heavy Bass Makes Us Dance, Even When Imperceptible to the Human Ear

You can’t be annoyed at that friend who only listens to house music and EDM anymore.  A new study found they can’t help but dance to it.  Researchers in Canada wanted to figure out why music with heavy bass makes us want to dance.  And they went about it in a weird way.

They brought special speakers to a techno concert to add even more bass to the songs.  But they played it at a super-low frequency that humans can’t hear.  As low as 8 hertz, when most of us can’t hear anything below 20.

The point was to see if it still made people dance more.  And the answer is yes.

They turned it on and off every two-and-a-half minutes, and tracked people’s dancing, including how much they bobbed their heads.  And the average person moved about 12% more when the bass was on.

They think it’s because people subconsciously FELT the vibrations of the bass.  So even though they couldn’t hear it, it still made them want to move.

It also shows that low vibrations and movement are just very strongly linked.  So if you want to add energy to your next party, pump that bass.


(Cell Press)