The Average Thanksgiving Meal Will Cost $6.41 Per Person, Up 20%

The American Farm Bureau Federation just put out its annual Thanksgiving report.  And the average dinner for ten will cost $64.05 this year, up 20%.  That’s $6.41 per person, up from $5.33 a year ago.

It varies around the country.  In the South, it’s $5.84, the Northeast, $6.40, the Midwest, $6.42, and out West, $7.14 per guest.

To keep things consistent, they haven’t changed their list of “typical” Thanksgiving foods since their first report in 1986 when it was $2.87 per person.

The biggest price jump this year is for stuffing, up 69%.  Based on the average, here’s what everything in their “typical” Thanksgiving feast costs”

A 16-pound turkey, $28.96, stuffing, $3.88, cranberry sauce, $2.57, sweet potatoes, $3.96, dinner rolls, $3.73, peas, $1.90, carrots and celery, 88 cents, pumpkin pie mix, $4.28, two pie crusts, $3.68, a half-pint of whipped cream, $2.24, and a gallon of milk, $3.84.

They also do an “updated” version with three more foods a lot of us include now.  If you add mashed potatoes, green beans, and ham, it jumps to $8.13 a person.