Which Celebrity Family Would You Like to Join for Thanksgiving?

Earlier this week, there was a list of celebrities that people would invite to their Thanksgiving, and now, people are talking about the opposite:  What celebrity family would YOU like to join?  Some people took it seriously, with a genuine experience they’d like to have, others took it more as spectacle, like “Wow, I’d LOVE to be a fly on a wall.”  Here are some people’s responses from the thread . . .

1.  The Kardashians.  “I’d be curious to see how they all interact without the cameras around.”   (That’s a big assumption. Who said they DON’T film their Thanksgiving meal?)

2.  Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, maybe with Jennifer Garner and the kids, and possibly with Alex Rodriguez “watching from a window”?

3.  The Hanks family.  “They’d probably get the board games out after the meal.”

4.  Martin Scorsese.  “His family seems like it would be the best blend of really interesting and drama free.”

5.  Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.  Someone said, “Not sure why, but they’d definitely have the best turkey.”  (???)

6.  The Jonas Brothers and their families.

7.  The Wayans family.

8.  Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.  They probably don’t have Thanksgiving together, probably, but it would be wild.

9.  Angelina Jolie with all her kids.  I know some people are still fascinated by Angelina and her family, but this feels like it would be a fairly stoic adult with a lot of kids, exactly the kind of gathering to AVOID.

10.  Nick Cannon, with all the kids AND all the baby mamas.  I doubt he’d host this kind of dinner, but CAN YOU IMAGINE?!  Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing could sell $5,000 tickets just to observe this over Zoom.