The TSA Found a Cat in a Guy’s Luggage

If you’re flying for Thanksgiving, double-check that suitcase before you zip it up, especially if you have small pets:  The TSA found a CAT in a guy’s checked luggage on Tuesday at JFK in New York.

An agent saw some fur poking out from where the two zippers met.  So they opened it up and found an orange cat staring back at them.  (Here’s a photo.)

The bag had already been checked and gone through an X-ray machine.  But luckily, the cat’s fine.  His name is “Smells”, and he’s back home now.

It turned out it wasn’t even the guy’s cat.  He told airport officials Smells belongs to a woman he was staying with in Brooklyn.  So they thought maybe he was trying to STEAL the cat, and called her to see if she wanted to press charges.

She didn’t even know Smells was missing, and said the whole thing was a mistake.  He just really likes suitcases, and must have crawled in there.  The TSA posted the X-ray online, so definitely check that out.  (Here’s the tweet.)

She went to JFK to pick Smells up, and was worried he might be traumatized by the whole thing.  But she says he’s been totally normal, like nothing ever happened.  (Here’s a photo of him back at home.)


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