Geena Davis Was Allegedly Screamed at by Bill Murray in a Clown Costume

Back in October, Geena Davis described her bad experience with Bill Murray while filming 1989’s “Quick Change”.  This included him allegedly insisting he use a massage device on her.

She talked about her experience with him in greater detail while on the “On with Kara Swisher” podcast earlier this week, including the time Bill yelled at her on the set.

“Bill, in a full clown costume, by the way, slams into the trailer with rage coming out of his eyeballs and starts screaming at me and swearing at me, ‘Get the [eff] out there!  What the [eff] are you doing?  Move!  Move!”

Then went on to say, “And he got behind me and screamed in my ear, ‘Move!  Move faster!  Move it!’ And we’re getting to this intersection where there’s hundreds of people watching this.”

She got choked up and said talking about it is still emotional for her because she felt ashamed, and  initially blamed herself for his behavior.

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