Looking Old for Your Age Might Mean You Really Are Old for Your Age

Before you hear this and panic, just remember that Keith Richards is still alive.

A new study in the Netherlands found looking old for your age might mean you really ARE old for your age, and could be more prone to certain health issues.

Researchers had volunteers view over 2,500 photos of different people, and guess how old they were.  All the people in the photos were between 50 and 90.

The team then compared the results to each person’s medical records.  And when someone looked older than their actual age, they were more likely to have age-related conditions like osteoporosis and cataracts.

The study also tested their thinking skills, with similar results.  People who looked YOUNGER than they really were did better on those tests.  Especially if they looked at least five years younger than their actual age.

People with younger-looking faces were also up to 25% LESS likely to have those age-related physical issues.


(Daily Mail / Oxford Academic)