Dee Snider Reveals His Fiction Novel Is About Toxic Masculinity & How it Affects People

Dee Snider was the latest guest on Full Metal Jackie’s weekend radio program, divulging a wealth of things he’s got planned for 2023, including a Twisted Sister reunion performance at the Metal Hall of Fame as well as a fiction novel centered around toxic masculinity and some work on a pair of animated kids’ TV shows.

It’s a lot of work for anyone, nevermind a legendary singer who will turn 68 in March of this year. But this is exactly what fuels Snider, who likens himself to certain breeds of sharks, which will die if they stop moving forward. And while he’s thrilled to be inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame with his bandmates, he’s not entirely focused on past glories.

He also took the time to clarify when the co-opting of Twisted Sister’s anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It” turns dangerous, even though it’s a song Snider intended to be sung by anyone who feels it echoes certain sentiments from within.

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