A Guy Came Home to His Neighbor Wearing His Clothes and Eating His Food, with a Fire Raging in the Background

Got any crazy neighbor stories?  Here’s a good one.  A guy in Rochester, New York got home on Monday to find his upstairs neighbor wearing his clothes and eating his food, with a fire raging in the background.

The neighbor got in by kicking his door down, and made himself right at home.  It sounds like the fire was in the living room, and police say it was intentional.  So he didn’t start it by mistake while he was cooking.

Luckily, the whole building didn’t go up.  But the fire did burn a hole through the ceiling before firefighters showed up and put it out.

The guy and another person had to hold the neighbor down until first responders got there.  He’s facing charges for arson, burglary, and criminal mischief.

(We haven’t seen any photos yet, but is anyone else picturing the “This is fine” meme right now?)


(RochesterFirst / WHEC)