American Girl Is Selling Two ’90s Dolls as Part of Its “Historical” Collection

Here’s some news to make you feel old:  Two new American Girl dolls just came out.  They’re part of the brand’s “Historical Characters” line, and they’re supposed to show what life was like way back in 1999.  (???)

Their names are Isabel and Nicki.  They’re supposed to be twins, and they’re decked out in ’90s gear.

Isabel wears a cable-knit sweater with a collared shirt underneath, plus knee-high socks and platform heels.  So she looks like a character from “Clueless”.

Nicki is more grunge, and her bio says she’s a skater.  She comes with a flannel shirt tied around her waist, and her hair’s got blonde highlights in front.

They’ve also got accessories that are sold separately:  A clear pink backpack, a beret with pins on it, a backwards hat for Nicki, a necklace with a yin-yang, one of those plastic inflatable chairs that were big for a minute, and a Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut that comes with a “Book It” pin.

There’s also a desktop computer package that comes with a computer, a desk, a cordless phone, and other stuff.

As always, none of this is cheap.  American Girl’s website lists the dolls for $115 each.  Or you can get them with a few basic accessories for $151.

(Here’s a photo.)


(NY Post)