Within 10 Years, Robots Will Do 39% of Domestic Chores

Robots and AI might take all our jobs within 10 years.  But on the plus-side, we won’t have to spend our days at home doing housework, because robots and AI will have that covered too.

Experts predict that around 39% of the time spent on housework and caring for loved ones could be automated by 2033.

The most likely chores to be automated are:  Getting groceries, shopping, “using services”, household cleaning, dish washing, cooking, ironing and folding, and laundry.

The most likely one, groceries, can already be handled by a delivery service, but maybe this means robots and AI could also handle the ORDERING.  If they’re also doing the cooking, that makes sense.

The least likely stuff to be automated mostly involves other living things, like:  Childcare, escorting a child outside the home, interacting with children, pet care, making or mending clothing, caring for an adult, car maintenance, gardening, and teaching a child.

So yes, losing your job would be bad, but every cloud has a silver lining!  Unless you get a Google Pixel and have it deleted with the Magic Eraser tool.

Take this with a grain of salt though.  In 1966, people were also told that “robot housekeepers” could be just 10 years away.