Are These Seven Things Turn-Ons or Turn-Offs?

It’s amazing how different our opinions can be on this stuff:  Thousands of people took an online poll that asked if random things are “turn-ons” or “turn-offs.”  Here’s what people said . . .

1.  Tattoos.  77% said they’re a turn-on.  But we’re less likely to agree about piercings.  49% said they’re a turn-on, and 51% said turn-off.  (They didn’t ask, but the locations of these things probably factor in.)

2.  When someone you’re dating responds to a text immediately.  86% said it’s a turn-on.  14% think it’s a turn-off, and maybe a little desperate.

3.  When someone’s really funny.  Yeah, it’s a turn-on for 98% of us.  So, 2% of us are all business.

4.  When someone’s super talkative.  62% said it’s actually a turn-on.

5.  When someone’s overly confident or cocky.  For 81% of us, it’s a turn-off.

6.  Loud talking.  94% said it’s a turn-off.

7.  When someone gets jealous really easily.  79% said turn-off.  But just being overprotective is different.  56% said that’s a turn-on.