King Charles Can’t Get Any Decent Acts to Perform at His Coronation

This May, King Charles is going to have a coronation fit for a . . . an episode of “The Masked Singer”.  (???)

The Palace has been trying to put together a collection of A-list artists to perform, but they keep getting shot down.  So far Elton John, the Spice GirlsHarry StylesEd Sheeran, and Adele have all said no.

Everyone’s excuse so far has been scheduling conflicts.  Except for Adele, she didn’t give a reason.

The biggest acts they’ve booked so far are Lionel Richie, the former British boy bad Take That  MINUS their most famous member, Robbie Williams, and something called an Olly Murs.(Olly is a singer-songwriter who made his name on “The X Factor” in 2009.)