A California City Has Banned Balloons, And Not the Chinese Spy Ones

There’s been a lot of hysteria over balloons recently, and one California city has just voted to ban them.  But not the Chinese spy ones.  Last week, the oceanside community of Laguna Beach, California voted to ban the sale and use of all balloons, including party balloons in public.

Locals say too many balloons are being released or abandoned . . . and are ending up in the ocean and on the beaches, where they’re being eaten by wildlife and sea animals.  Which is obviously bad for them.

City officials say latex balloons can take decades to break down, and mylar balloons won’t break down at all.

This is only for public spaces, private residences can still have balloons, but you’ll have to bring them into town or order them online because you won’t find them in Laguna.  The ban starts on January 1st of next year, and violators could face fines of up to $500.

(Here’s footage from a council meeting.)


(Gizmodo / The Guardian)