Do Leap Year Babies Celebrate Today, Tomorrow, or Both?

Unless you’re in the 0.07% of people this applies to, you’ve maybe never thought about it.  Next year is a Leap Year, but 2023 isn’t.  So when do people born on February 29th celebrate?  Today, tomorrow, or maybe both?

Someone on Reddit asked Leap Day babies, or “Leaplings”, to weigh in.  And the general consensus seems to be there isn’t one.

Some like to celebrate today to keep it in February, some prefer tomorrow, because a day early just feels wrong, and a few die-hard Leaplings only celebrate once every four years.

A few people also said their parents celebrated their birthday on the 28th AND March 1st, which is nice.  If you don’t get a real birthday, two fake ones seems like an okay trade-off.

Even Facebook has had trouble with this, by the way.  On the 28th, they used to tell friends your birthday was “tomorrow”, but then didn’t send out any alert on March 1st.

In the last few years, it sounds like they’ve switched and now just pretend the 28th is the 29th.  But we’ve also seen people claim it defaults to March 1st for them.

From a legal standpoint though, tomorrow is the day that matters.  When a Leap Day baby turns 21, they can’t technically get into a bar until 12:00 A.M. on March 1st.

Whether they celebrate today or tomorrow, happy birthday to these famous Leap Day babies:  Ja Rule turns 47, Tony Robbins turns 63, and Mark Foster from Foster the People is turning 39.  Or in case they’re die-hard about it:  Ja Rule is 11, Tony is 15, and Mark is still only 9.


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