A Suspect Was Arrested After His Getaway Car Got Trapped in a Car Wash

There are a few times when it doesn’t make sense to go to a car wash.  Like when it’s raining, when you’re late for work, or when you’re the driver of a criminal’s getaway car.

A man in Ohio was busted a couple weeks ago, after he allegedly stole about $500 worth of merchandise from a Giant Eagle supermarket.

And he might have gotten away with it, but his getaway driver decided to take the car next door to get a car wash while the theft was happening, and it took longer than expected.

The thief pushed the cart full of stuff over to the car wash, but they were basically trapped in the line between two other cars.

In the meantime, the store had called the cops, and they nabbed the guys while they were still at the car wash.  One was charged with theft, and the other was arrested on an outstanding warrant.  It’s unclear if the car ever got washed.


(NBC 12 / South Euclid Police Department)