New Trend: Hiring Someone to Improve Your Signature

Having a personal, unique signature used to be a thing, but people don’t seem to care about it anymore.  We don’t need to sign things as often as we used to, and when we do, it’s usually on a digital pad, and it doesn’t come out looking right anyway.  But that might be changing.

There’s apparently a new trend of people getting signature makeovers by hiring someone to help them improve it.  Multiple people are promoting signature design services on social media, and the prices are all over the map, from $10 to $600.

One woman in L.A. has a business called Planet of Names where she does around 300 custom signatures a month.  The packages include stuff like:  Up to three ways to sign, limitless drafts, or a new set of initials.

She charges between $10 to $55.  And you can choose a style, “elegant, subtle, dramatic, sharp, classic, artistic, condensed, curvy, or even illegible.”  And you can also get coached on how to practice your new signature.

Her company has had some high-profile clients, people whose autographs are still a big deal, but she wouldn’t say who.  She also works with regular people who are sick of signing their name like a fifth grader.

One thing to note:  Drastically changing your signature can be a headache though.  For things like voter rolls, passports, credit cards, health documents, and legal papers, you may need to update your signature on file.


(Associated Press)