What’s the Worst Thing to Eat on a Plane: Ribs, Oysters, Egg Salad, or a “Large Bowl of Beans”?

There was a photo on social media that went viral this week, where a man was eating a full rack of ribs on a plane.  He’d apparently brought it on with him.

That led to a lot of discussion, both about being considerate to others and about whether you’d even want to eat certain foods on a plane, considering the tight space, messiness, and difficulty of getting to a sink.

Buzzfeed asked people about 32 ridiculous foods, and asked them to vote on whether or not they’d want to eat them on a plane.

The ones that the most people would not eat are pretty absurd.  96% wouldn’t eat a crawfish boil on a plane, 95% wouldn’t do oysters, and 90% couldn’t fully enjoy “a large bowl of beans.”  (???)

77% wouldn’t eat ribs on a plane, no matter how many wet-naps they had.  But more people said NO to:  Egg salad, hard-boiled eggs, an entire rotisserie chicken, sloppy joes, corn on the cob, tuna, and shrimp cocktail.

Most of the foods on the list were meant to be problematic, but some weren’t as bad as others.  Only 12% said they wouldn’t eat sour cream and onion potato chips, only 13% would refuse to eat a burrito, and only 23% would pass on a large burger.

Others that a majority of people would bring onto a plane include:  An entire pizza, sushi, nachos, a plate of fried chicken, a meatball sub, and a pomegranate, which can be a mess to eat anywhere.

One item gets a special mention:  “A large jawbreaker.”  64% wouldn’t do it, while 36% said it’s a good in-flight snack.  

Buzzfeed.com has all the results.  It’s an ongoing poll, so the numbers could shift over time.