A Couple Discovered That a Cat Was Living in Their Vegas Hotel Room

This is a “crazy” Vegas story that you haven’t heard before.  A couple was staying at the Excalibur resort in Vegas a couple weeks ago, and they noticed some weird stuff happening in their room.

Things seemed to be knocked over in the bathroom, there were strange sounds in the walls, and they saw what appeared to be PEE in the shower.  But it wasn’t just a clumsy ghost with an overactive bladder.

It was a CAT.  They woke up one night at 4:00 A.M. and it was just standing in their room, looking at them.  (???)

They called security, but it was difficult getting the cat out, because it had discovered a hiding place under the sink.  There was a small crevice, and the staff had to actually take the cabinet apart to get the cat out.

The couple later found out that the previous guest had reported losing their cat, although it was not believed to be in the room.  They thought it had snuck out.  It had been six days since that guest had left, and the couple had been there for three days.  The cat apparently survived by coming out at night and drinking toilet water.  Anyway, the cat is fine, and it’s since been reunited with its rightful owner.

In a strange twist, the couple in the room were both veterinarians who were in town for a conference.  And they documented the experience on TikTok.  You can find their TikTok channel, here.  And here’s the first one involving the cat.  They started using the hashtag #EXCALIPURR.


There’s a cat in our hotel room. Good thing we’re veterinarians here for a conference. #cat #catinhotel #heishidden #wvc #vetconference #4amwakeup

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