The Top Cities and States We’d Move to If Money Didn’t Matter

If money wasn’t a factor, what’s the #1 “dream city” you’d want to live in?  We’re talking cities in the U.S., not other countries.  A new survey looked into it, and Los Angeles got the most votes.

Atlanta was a close second, followed by Austin.  Then it’s a five-way tie between Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Boston, and Dallas.

The top five STATES we’d want to live in are California, Florida, Hawaii, New York, and Colorado.  According to the poll, Florida actually WAS the top state people moved to last year.  California was the top state we moved out of.

Here are a few more quick stats:

1.  If money were no object, 40% of us would want to live in a city, 29% would choose the suburbs, and 31% would want to be out in the country.

2.  The top reasons people moved last year were:  To have a better quality of life, a lower cost of living, and to get a bigger place.

3.  75% have regrets about their move.  The top three are:  “I wish I moved to a bigger place”, “I miss my old place”, and “I wish I got rid of more stuff instead of moving EVERYTHING.”

4.  Most people who moved last year didn’t actually go that far.  61% moved less than 20 miles away from their old place.


(NY Times / Home Bay)