“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Is the Wordiest Show with 176.2 Words per Minute

Don’t you hate when you try to follow subtitles on TV, and they disappear before you can finish them?  Well, that’s often because the shows are just too wordy.  WordFinderX determined TV’s wordiest show.

Here are the Top 10, along with their words per minute:

1.  “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”:  176.2

2.  “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”:  174.6

3.  “Gilmore Girls”:  167.8

4.  “Modern Family”:  166.2

5.  “Central Park”:  163.9

6.  “Suits”:  161

7.  “Bob’s Burgers”:  160.6

8.  “South Park”:  160

9.  “Big Mouth”:  157.2

10.  “Parks and Recreation”:  156.3

(You can see the full chart here.)