Would You Watch an Hours-Long Livestream of Someone, Sitting at a Desk and Working?

There was a trend a while back where people were “sleep streaming”, posting live, hours-long videos of themselves just SLEEPING.  It was meant to be therapeutic, and not just weird.

Now, people are apparently posting live feeds of themselves working, just sitting at a desk typing away on a computer.

It’s usually for remote work, and it can mimic being at an office where others around you are working.  (And you’re at least loosely WATCHING them???)

Some people are calling this “body doubling” or “parallel working”, and one woman who does it streams five hours of herself working every day on TikTok.  She’s a data analyst, and she does occasionally take breaks to answer questions in her comments section.

She has over 100,000 followers, and her daily streams often get thousands of views.  She describes what she does as “working alone together.”

So is there any benefit to this, or is it a complete waste of time?  Supposedly, body doubling can help some people who struggle with ADHD and loneliness, as well as people who have trouble focusing in a remote environment.

An accountable “other” can boost their mood and productivity.


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