A Guy Rented a Billboard to Find a Wife, but It’s Already Backfired

This guy might be wishing he’d just stuck with Tinder:  43-year-old Robert Siegfried lives in southern Wisconsin and hasn’t had a ton of luck with online dating.  So he recently rented a billboard to find himself a wife.

He lives in Janesville, about 70 miles outside Milwaukee.  The billboard says, “Date Robert:  Wisconsin’s #1 Eligible Bachelor.”  And there’s a picture of him in a cowboy hat, belt buckle, and sunglasses.

It says he’s “looking for a local, honest woman.”  And there’s a phone number you can call or text to leave him a message.  He’s planning to rent more billboards over the next few weeks, if necessary.  (Here’s a photo.)

No word on how many dates it’s gotten him.  But he has run into a few hurdles.  First, a reporter interviewed him, and he asked HER out during the segment.  It sort of seemed like a joke, but she’s quite a bit younger and politely declined.

This part might be more of a deal-breaker though:  The station covering the story felt the need to list one final detail at the end.  They noted that someone filed a restraining order against him last year.  (!!!)

We don’t have the details.  All we know is it’s a four-year restraining order that’s apparently still in effect.  And he also faced a disorderly conduct charge last year.

So anyway, if you’re interested, his phone number is all over the internet right now.  (608-631-0575)