Good News: Surprise Parties, Lottery Wins, and Lonely Geese

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds.

1.  A town in Massachusetts threw a surprise birthday for their oldest resident last week.  Her name is Herlda Senhouse, and she turned 112 last Tuesday.  (Kinda risky with someone that age, but yes, she survived the surprise.)

2.  A woman in Washington state hit the Powerball last month and just came forward to collect.  Turns out she works for Boeing, and only bought a ticket because the jackpot was $747 million.

That same week, Boeing had just delivered its last 747 jumbo jet ever, so she thought it might be a sign.  The jackpot grew a little bit after that though, so she ended up winning just under $755 million.

3.  A guy in Oregon got snowed in on a remote road and didn’t have cell service.  But he had a DRONE, and how clever is this?  He attached his phone to it, typed out a text to his friend, and flew it high enough until it got service.  So then the text went through, and he got rescued.

4.  A cemetery in Iowa used to have two geese named Bud and Blossom, a male and female that were mates.  Sadly, Bud passed away last year, and Blossom hadn’t been the same since.  The good news is the story has a happy ending.

The cemetery recently posted a personal ad looking for a male goose to keep her company.  It said, “Lonely, widowed domestic goose seeks life partner for companionship and occasional shenanigans.”

And someone with a goose named Frankie came forward.  He’d also lost his mate.  So they brought him to the cemetery on Valentine’s Day last month.  Now Blossom and Frankie are inseparable.  (Here’s a photo.)