People Are Calling 911 About UFOs, but It’s Just Jupiter and Venus

Look up in the sky tonight, and you may see two UFOs.  (???)  Or, UFOs to anyone who doesn’t pay attention to boring, science stuff anyway.

Cops in central California had to post on Facebook last week, and ask people to stop calling 911 about Jupiter and Venus.  (???)

Besides the Moon, they’ve been the brightest objects in the sky recently.  They’ve been so close together, it looked like they crossed paths and merged last Wednesday, something that won’t happen again until 2039.

Wednesday was the same day cops in Modesto, California asked people to stop calling them about it.

They posted a photo and said, “If you are seeing these lights in the sky, dispatch has received multiple calls regarding this.  Do not be alarmed.”  They then explained what they were, and said, “there is no reason to report this.”

It’s not clear what people thought they were, or why they assumed their local police could help.  But Chinese spy balloons were in the news a lot last month, so maybe that had something to do with it.

(Here’s a photo.)