Eight Things in Hotel Rooms That You Should Clean Yourself

Have you ever had to stay in a dingy hotel room?

Well, even the nice ones might not be as clean as you think . . .

Lifehacker.com posted a list of the top things you might want to clean YOURSELF after you check in.  Most are things guests touch a lot, but that maids don’t clean enough.  So you’ll want to bring some disinfectant wipes with you.

1.  The TV remote.  Everyone uses it.

2.  The nightstand.  Surfaces in general might not get wiped down enough.

3.  The door handles.  Another thing that every single guest touches.

4.  The light switches.

5.  The phone, if you plan to use it.

6.  The handle on the minifridge.

7.  The toilet handle.  People don’t wash their hands before they touch it, and it’s the part of a toilet that gets overlooked.

8.  The coffee maker.  Run it through a cleaning cycle if it has one.  If not, at least rinse the pot out.  And if the mugs are ceramic or reusable, clean those too.

Here’s one more:  The comforters on beds don’t always get cleaned enough.  But unfortunately, you can’t do much about that, unless you’re in THIS group . . .

A poll in 2019 found one in ten people sometimes bring their own SHEETS when they stay in hotels.