Ford Patented a Way to Let Electric Cars Burn Rubber

Ford is ramping up its electric vehicle line.  And they apparently think this’ll get some muscle car fans to make the switch:  Someone noticed they just filed a patent for a new feature to let electric cars BURN RUBBER.

Normal rear-wheel-drive cars can do it.  Some Mustangs even have a feature called “line lock” that helps with burnouts by only applying the front brakes.

But apparently a lot of Ford’s future E.V.’s will be all-wheel-drive, with two motors . . . one for the front axle, and one for the back.

That makes burnouts next to impossible.  So the patent is for something called “Electrified Vehicle Performance Mode.”

Basically, it would disable the front motor, and disengage the brakes in back at the same time.  So you could burn rubber like in a normal car.

The patent doesn’t necessarily mean they’re doing it.  They haven’t confirmed anything.  But they’ve been adding more and more racing features lately.

For example, the new 2024 Mustangs are getting an electronic handbrake that only locks up the back wheels to help with drifting.


(Fox News / Autopian)