A Woman Reapplied for Her Own Job, After Seeing It Posted Online for a Much Higher Salary

What would you do if you saw your job posted online, for $30,000 more?

A 25-year-old woman in New York noticed that her company posted a job listing for the same job she does, a tech writer, and the advertised pay was a LOT more than she was making.  It was $32,000 to $90,000 MORE.

And to make things worse, she’d been trying to get a salary bump for months, without any luck.  So, she applied for the new gig.

She Tweeted about it, and it went viral.  The company responded by taking the listing down, and then reposting it as a separate job.  Then they claimed it was an internal posting and wasn’t meant for anyone to apply externally.

And then they floated talk about possible layoffs at the company.  (???)

It’s unclear what madness was going on behind the scenes, but the woman says she hasn’t been contacted about her application for the new, higher paying job.  And she actually expects to be fired for drawing attention to this fiasco.

It sounds like she’ll be fine though, she’s using this unexpected attention to promote a book of poetry she put out last year.  And now, it’s selling like crazy.

And people are sending her job offers and listings, and she’s actively pursuing them.  But this has all happened within the past week, so she’s still working at the same company for now.

If you’re wondering, it sounds like some of this awkwardness was due to salary transparency laws in New York.  They have to put the pay in job listings.  And the huge, $60K range is probably intentionally vague, as a way of getting around putting a specific number in.  They’d probably claim it’s for different levels of experience.  But again, the LOW end of the range was still $32K more than what the woman was getting.


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