Five Random Facts for Tuesday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  An estimated 93% of TV-owning Americans watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in 1969.  Interesting side-note:  In 1969, 95% of households owned a television, and about 95.9% of households do today.  So not much has changed there.

2.  There are five states that don’t have a single city with a population over 100,000:  Delaware, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  California has 76 cities with a population over 100,000.

3.  Kid Rock refused to put his song “All Summer Long” on iTunes, but a karaoke version WAS available.  It sold so many copies that it wound up higher on the Billboard charts than the original.  The karaoke version was 19th, and the real song was 23rd.

4.  Koalas have fingerprints that look almost exactly like human fingerprints.

5.  In “Let It Be” by The Beatles, the lyric “Mother Mary comes to me” isn’t about the Virgin Mary.  It’s about Paul McCartney’s mother, Mary.


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