How Many Times Can You Wear Pajamas, Jeans, or Shirts Without Washing Them?

Listen up, lazy people who don’t mind smelling just a little bad.  Here’s how many times you can wear different types of clothing without washing them, according to experts.  They’re basing this on the smell, but more than that, on the bacteria that can form and what it can do to you.

Pajamas:  Once a week if you shower before bed.  Daily if you don’t shower first.

Coats and jackets:  Once a month.

Jeans:  Once a month.

Underwear:  Once a month if you sell it to weirdos on the Internet.  For the rest of us, yeah, don’t re-wear your underwear.

Socks:  After wearing them once.

Workout clothes: After wearing them once.

Shirts:  After wearing them once if they had direct skin contact.  You can go a little longer if you’re wearing them over another shirt.