A Flight Was Delayed, After the Flight Attendants Got Into a Fight?

So much for the friendly skies.  Last summer, an Alaska Airlines flight was delayed three hours, because the two pilots were fighting.  And last Sunday, a SkyWest flight from L.A. to Houston was delayed over an hour because two flight attendants were going at each other.

ESPN anchor Ashley Brewer was on the flight, and she was posting about it on social media.  It started before takeoff, when a woman in first class requested a seat switch with a person in coach, so that she could sit back with her husband.

One flight attendant said that was cool, the other said NO.  That ignited an argument between the two flight attendants that escalated to the point where they refused to work together.  Brewer said it seemed like they had prior beef.

Eventually, a new set of flight attendants were brought onto the plane, and the flight was finally able to take off.

SkyWest said, “We hold all our employees to the highest standards of professionalism, and are conducting an internal investigation.”


(Fox News)