The Cast of John Krasinski’s Upcoming Movie Is Ridiculously Stacked

John Krasinski is working on a movie right now called “If”.  It’s about a young girl who starts seeing everyone’s imaginary friends who’ve been left behind after their “humans” grew up.

And it’s got a voice cast that’s RIDICULOUSLY stacked.  It includes:

Matt DamonJon Stewart, Krasinski and his wife Emily BluntMaya RudolphSam RockwellSebastian ManiscalcoChristopher MeloniRichard JenkinsAwkwafinaVince Vaughn, Ryan ReynoldsLouis Gossett Jr.Steve Carell, and Bobby Moynihan.

John says, “This cast is insane.  I know for a fact that I will never get a better cast.”


(Hollywood Reporter)