Five Random Facts for Monday

Here are some random facts for you.

1.  America has more guns than people.  There are an estimated 1.2 civilian firearms per person.  No other country comes close to that level of firepower.  Saudi Arabia and Yemen are second and third. but they both have less than half that, roughly one gun for every two people.

2.  From 1993 to 1995 there were American teams in the Canadian Football League.  One of them was the Baltimore Stallions, and they actually won the championship in 1995.  But they didn’t sell many tickets and all seven teams were disbanded by 1996.

3.  Steven Spielberg’s career was launched when he directed the first episode of the TV show “Columbo” in 1971.

4.  The word “mortgage” is the combination of two old French words, “mort” and “gage”, which literally translate to “death pledge.”

5.  Gwen Stefani’s brother Eric was one of the founders of No Doubt, but he left in 1994 to become an animator on “The Simpsons”.


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