Here Are the 10 Most Common Things People Forget in Ubers

Have you ever left something behind in an Uber?  You’re definitely not the only one.  It happens constantly.  Uber released a list of the 10 things that people left behind the most over the past year.  And they are:

Clothing, phones, purses and backpacks, wallets, headphones, jewelry, keys, books, laptops, and watches.

Uber also shared some of the weird things people left behind over the past year.

Those include:  A Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a fog machine, an ankle monitor, a unicycle, 16 ounces of fake blood, a green foam Statue of Liberty crown, a lightsaber, a few hamsters, six cheesecakes, Two fingernails, a bidet, “rash cream”, a pregnancy test, a slushy machine, a fake tooth, and someone’s paintings of their wife.