Can You De-Stress, By Closing the Tabs on Your Computer?

For some people, having a cluttered home can make you feel stressed, and apparently, the same goes for your DIGITAL space.  And I’m not talking about the metaverse.

A new study has found that 1-in-4 people feel stressed and overwhelmed when they have too many tabs or windows open on their browser.

The problem is both ORGANIZATION, like being hesitant to close tabs because you’re dealing with complex tasks, and forgetting to close other tabs after you’re done with them.  Multi-tasking, where you may be dealing with a travel reservation in one window, responding to emails in another, and researching products and services in another.

And of course there’s NOISE AND DISTRACTION, like pop-up ads, notifications, and chats.

There’s no simple solution, but a couple things to try include:  Consciously minimizing clutter by deciding on a max number of tabs to have open at any one time, or pushing yourself to resolve tasks before beginning new ones.

Some people use online tools to manage tabs (there’s one called One Tab), or shift some tasks offline to pen and paper.

But the researchers warn that things like that could be counter-productive, “These approaches are similar to someone not actually cleaning but just rearranging things in the same space, the problem doesn’t go away.”

In other words, the best way to reduce clutter-based stress is, to actually reduce clutter.


(Aalto University)